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Top 10 China Dropshippers

25 November 2016
China Dropshipping

In the last few months there has been growing interest in China dropshippers and importing and buying wholesale from China to sell through eBay stores and consumer online shops.

To give you a quick insider backdoor that will have you up and selling in under a day, here's a look at 10 of the best China dropshippers. (The ones listed here have been selected because they provide a wide range of different products to choose from.)l

Some links use affiliate shortcuts through which we may earn beer and chocolate biscuit money.

What is Dropshipping

Dropshipping means that you sell products to your customer that you don't physically have in stock.

A drop ship company, like one of the companies below, can make this possible by shipping directly to your customer.

Unlike traditional business, you do not have to borrow money or source products in bulk before you sell anything.

This means, you aren't facing the risk of having products in stock that doesn't turn out as popular as you might have hoped and virtually guarantees that you never have to sell anything below cost price.

Normally, when you buy from wholesalers, you have to buy in large quantities. But with dropship wholesalers like the ones below, you get low prices even on smallest quantities.

Another major benefit is that anyone can start a business from home by simply listing the products in eBay, Amazon, or even your own website.

When you get an order on your own website, you can then place that order against the dropshipper and they'll take care of the rest.

No need to pick, pack, and ship orders as the dropship supplier will do that on your behalf.

Is Dropshipping for You?

Dropshipping has become a business opportunity like no other.

The products are taken care of and all you need is to find successful ways to sell them. It's literally Sales 101!

As a business model it's safe, because you only pay for a product once it's already been sold you already have payment from your customer. No risk of dead stock. No worries about unwanted inventory.

On with our list of the Top 10 China Dropshippers...


Predominantly a technology supplier they are increasing their range and working to improve the level of customer support and service they offer.

Allow individual sales and provide free shipping.

Always New Arrivals. Be among the first to view online.

Light in the Box

This is an all-in-one business that caters for direct retail, wholesale and dropshipping customers. Already a popular dropshipper for many eBay stores, Light in the Box also offers an affiliate program so you can send customer direct to their website to earn money.

Allows individual sales.

Monthly Top Sellers Deal + Sitewide Coupons

DH Gate is a business-to-business e-commerce website that facilitates the sale of manufactured products from small and medium enterprises to buyers. It provides international payment services, logistics services, trust and safety, US based product distribution warehouses, escrow protection services, and internet financing services.

Carry an assortment of products and have an emphasis on creating a Western style of shopping experience through their website. They also have a strong focus on customer service through product delivery.

Allow individual sales, provide an escrow service and deliver worldwide.

Shop New Arrivals: Hurry, it won't last long!

Good Orient

Mostly traditional and modern inspired Asian apparel and giftware, Good Orient has been selling online since 1998.

Allows individual sales.

Good Orient are also on Amazon. View them here.

Made in China

Have a reputation for being reliable and selling good quality merchandise. Made in China wholesales locally manufactured items from a variety of producers via an eBay style website.

Allows individual sales, provide an escrow service and deliver worldwide.

Sourcing Map

Offering a smaller number of items to select from, Sourcing Map has a strong focus on providing reliable services for Dropshipping.

Allows individual sales.


Chinavasion is arguably the number one drop shipping supplier based in China for electronic gadgets. They have a great reputation for good service and fast shipping.

Chinavasion makes it happen by only selling gadgets that are in stock and quality checked, so in-house logistics team can pick, pack and ship in 1 working day.

Allows individual sales.

IP Mart

IP Mart is another seller of small device electronics that has branched out into other categories, like homewares and apparel.

Allows individual sales.

Suntek Store

A quirky combination of small device electronics and hobby/craft supplies, Suntek Store is an odd website.

Allows individual sales.


Buy wholesale or dropship direct to anywhere in the world with Alawoo. Stockists of general apparel, gifts and toys.

Allows individual sales.

A quick word of caution...

If you've never done any dropshipping before you may find the risks easier to manage if you start with one of the larger agencies such as Alibaba