Monitor Customer Behaviour Online and Boost Online Conversions

monitor customer behaviour online

Gain valuable insight into how your website is performing by using session recording tools. Monitor customer behaviour online and discover how users interact with your website’s content.
This information provides guidance in how you can improve your content to increase conversions and enhance the scent trail of your website for users.

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Brand Safety: Protecting Your Brand from Negative Associations

brand safety

We are in the midst of an online advertising and brand safety crisis. Where no brand is safe from being associated with something that completely goes against their core values. Businesses are at risk of alienating customers and stakeholders.
With Brand Safety in crisis it’s time to review your SEM and SMM campaigns.

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To Respond or Not to Respond – That is the Brand Safety Question

Brand safety

Each situation varies when handling brand safety in the face of negative press. You may choose to deal with negative publicity in the public arena and that can be the best option in shaping a positive brand resonance with consumers. Or sometimes going ‘radio silent’ means you can find resolution quietly, avoiding public embarrassment. Either way, preparation is key.

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Investing in Real-Time Experiences – Good For Business!

real time experiences

Research provides mounting evidence to indicate that investing in real-time experiences and operational responsiveness capabilities is good for businesses because they lead to increased customer loyalty, lifetime value, and bottom line profitability.

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The Future of Mobile Workforce is in the Cloud

the future of mobile workforce

The future of mobile workforce lay within artificial intelligence and using cloud automation to reduce mundane tasks. A tech driven future allows you to be smarter with your time and prioritize the tasks and appointments that will directly affect sales conversions. Geocoding and the Mobile Workforce Looking at the geocoding […]

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Empower Sales Reps by Geocoding for a Mobile Workforce

Geo coding for a mobile workforce

Geocoding for a mobile workforce provides control and empowerment for sales representatives. Geocoding and geolocation services not only distributes leads intelligently, it enables employees to work to their strengths and feel comfortable that they are operating in a controlled and supported climate. Support Your Mobile Workforce and Let Them Thrive […]

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The Top Five Metrics for Closed Loop Marketing You Need to Know NOW!

analytics for closed loop marketing

Measuring metrics for Closed Loop Marketing allows you to really understand where your business is succeeding and where it needs work. Business decisions are made successful after looking to the data to gain understanding of performance in specific areas. Closed loop marketing metrics relies on analytic reporting, as a continual […]

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Online Reputation Management in the Face of Competitor Sabotage

online reputation management

Online reputation management is critical for positive brand resonance. “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” – Warren Buffett With this in mind, you might start to recognise the importance of having an action plan when your company’s reputation is at risk, particularly […]

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Understand Marketing Regulations to Support Brand Reputation in the Medical Industry

brand reputation in the medical industry

Online brand reputation in the medical industry is more important than ever. The medical industry is an intensely competitive arena as the average healthcare consumer becomes empowered with more choice and accessible knowledge. Not only does your website needs to be up to scratch, it also needs to offer the […]

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Digital Marketing and Rebranding Hell: Mad as a Scientist in the World of SEO

digital marketing and rebranding

The process of rebranding provides a wonderful opportunity for creating a forward momentum in your business.

If you’re going through a rebranding exercise or ever planning to go through a rebranding exercise, you may be unwittingly about to enter the world of search traffic and rebranding hell.

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