How Do We Generate Revenue Through Our Website?

Turning your website into a revenue generating channel can be a game changer for any company.

Choosing the right strategy is what makes it happen

Read any blog, IT or business magazine and you’ll soon discover that there are plenty of ways a website can be structured, architected, designed and built for generating income.

The challenge you face is uncertainty. The uncertainty of whether you’re about to commit time, people and budget to a strategy that will pay off or not.

Our question to you is – What is the “low hanging fruit” that will get you results fast, and what will you measure to give you the evidence you need to know that your strategy is the right one?

Bloated big project thinking

Traditionally, the approach that organisations opt for when attempting a big change, like creating a new revenue stream, is to gather all the stakeholders together, elicit their input, collate the requirements into a priority list for development and then cost up all the activity to get an adequate budget.

This lengthy process is too slow for the nimble and fast-paced world of online business. By the time you followed through with this approach you could find an up-start new competitor may have entered and dominated the market leaving you in even greater need of revenue through your website.

Which is why we recommend pursuing the “low hanging fruit”.

Get your results, and more importantly some analytics data that you can use to identify the best next step. Use the data you’ve collected to make informed decisions on where to focus your efforts next and remove the uncertainty altogether.

Conversion Leadership Advocates Results-Driven Decision-Making

We make no apologies for our single-mindedness when it comes to getting our clients results that show up in their healthy Annual Reports or giving them business intelligence to discuss at their next Board Meeting.

You’re in business for a reason – what you do with your website and online marketing should all be working to achieve your ambitions.

You’re a phone call away from new possibilities.

Decide now it’s time to be in control; to have the answers, to hit your targets and reach new heights.

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