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What You Need to Know About Marketing Automation and How Conversion Leadership and Infusionsoft Make It Happen

Marketing automation is all about speeding up the pace of marketing and simplifying the process of marketing.

In general, marketing automation happens when software services and processes are combined in order to streamline marketing processes. For example, businesses who make use of email communications to promote their products and services will likely benefit greatly from automated email marketing campaigns, which allow for efficient creation of targeted emails.

Being experienced in small business crm systems and as Certified Infusionsoft Consultants we work with businesses in Australia to automate sales and marketing processes.

But, email marketing is only a small part of the marketing automation options available.

Marketing Automation Specialists: Conversion Leadership & Infusionsoft

Another facet of marketing which has great automation potential is Customer Relationship Management and, with Infusionsoft, you can create very effective solutions that optimise all aspects of your customers’ buying lifecycle.

Marketing automation specialists from Conversion Leadership provide the local, Australian support and services to get Infusionsoft running and working in your business.

Your Customers’ Needs and Behaviours will Change

And so will their needs…

They begin as a prospect with a problem, to a converted customer who makes their first purchase with you and then to a loyal raving fan.

You want to keep their attention and maintain their engagement every step of the way.

Lifecycle Marketing helps you keep pace with these changes.

Marketing Automation Specialists

All Website Visitors are not the Same

A marketing message that works to convert a prospect into a customer, may frustrate and distance an existing customer who might expect you to remember them.

A straight forward, call to action up-sell message to a raving fan, may make a first time customer feel that your sales messages are too aggressive.

Attract & Convert

As soon as we got smartphones, tablet computers and mobile commerce, the days of having your company website operating as a separate and unrelated marketing asset were numbered.

Today, everything you do online must show business results; just like your other marketing and sales activities already do.

From your website, to your emails and social media engagement – its got to be purposeful.

Lifecycle Marketing makes sure your market gets a consistent and efficient nurturing and brand experience.

You attract and convert prospects who are closest to a buying decision. Automatically.

What happens next is just as important.

Increase Average Dollar Sale

Want to increase your average dollar sale, increase the lifetime value of a customer and decrease your cost of sales?

The use of marketing technology delivered by marketing automation specialists will do just that.

Create an immediate and long-term direct impact on your bottom-line.

Make Smart Business Decisions

Online, trackable and measurable results are what differentiates sales and marketing online from sales and marketing channels offline.

A well-crafted and expertly-implemented Online Lifecycle Marketing strategy will give you business intelligence for making smart business decisions.

Conversion Rate Intelligence

Conversion Leadership focuses on the measurable results – the indisputable evidence of what real customers want and do.

Using behavioural data collected and collated from online assets built for Lifecycle Marketing, Conversion Leadership has been able to provide clients with feedback and business intelligence for real, competitive advantage.

Behavioural Insights

Gain insights into the cyclical behavioural trends of your prospects and greater budgetary freedom over how you invest in marketing.

Create new products

By analysing the purchasing patterns and visitor interaction, clients have been able to create and successfully launch, new products that customers are actually prepared to buy.

Accurately Track Cost of Acquisition

Know which sales messages, channels and offers generated leads and which are converting at the lowest cost.

Maximise Up Sell & Cross Sell Opportunities

Identify gaps in product offerings and after sales engagement and develop up sell and cross sell opportunities, easily.

Referral Marketing

As you’re developing your raving fans, put into play the most effective strategies for making referral marketing work for you.

New Target Markets

Discover emerging and lucrative niches and uncover (re)packaging opportunities for your existing products.

Sales Performance Dashboard

Competitor Benchmarking

Insightful and practical experience in digital marketing means our clients can benchmark, measure and track their own success against competitors.

Target New Geographies with Increased Results

Make decisions about new geographic regions that would best support global growth and international expansion objectives.


Your team of Infusionsoft Certified Consultants watching over your shoulder as you work on your application. Private and group training available.

Flexible, customisable telephone and webinar consulting with expert Infusionsoft help at a price to suite your wallet.

12 of the most successful Sales and Marketing campaigns, customised and working across the entire spectrum of your Perfect Customer Lifecycle.

Uncover your digital value chain and get it working for you – automatically. Know your performance every step of the way. Led by a team of Infusionsoft Certified Consultants who’ve added more than $2,500,000 per year to our clients’ bottom line.

With a toolbox of advanced, in-house developed technologies, we create solutions that work and grow the way you do.

Advanced Lifecycle Management

Technology Designed to Work the Way You Do

With a toolbox of advanced, in-house developed technologies, we create solutions that work the way you do.

Our technologies share the same foundations with solutions developed over at Semantia and used in business-critical environments such as Toll Group and Ford Australia.

Solutions developed at Conversion Leadership can work with almost anything from Booking Systems and Customer Satisfacation Surveys to advanced rate calculators and your operational systems. And, best of all…

They have been made to work with Infusionsoft.