Software Development for Lifecycle Marketing

Software Designed to Work the Way You Do

What happens when you combine Artificial Intelligence with Consumer Psychology and you make it accessible?

In the early days of Semantia, we were fascinated with this thought and began applying what we knew to the field of In Line Vehicle Sequencing at Ford Australia and Toll Group.

In simple terms, our solution harnessed advanced computational algorithms to make sure more than 120 different vehicle parts were delivered from Toll’s warehouse to the Ford’s assembly line at the right place and the right time.

The solutions made use of what’s known as Agent Technology that allows software components carry out tasks that mirrored real life workers.

It was breakthrough technology more than 13 years ago that earned our client more than $20 million per year.

Same Technology at Web Scale

We have now converted and enhanced the same foundation to work alongside marketing technologies like Infusionsoft.

In doing so, we are now able to offer the same level of intelligence when it comes to interacting with an automated marketing platform like Infusionsoft as we did for Ford and Toll.

Here’s just a few Infusionsoft capabilities that we have built using our in-house developed technologies:

Infusionsoft’s Campaign Manager is brilliant when it comes to working with communication with contacts.

But, a contact can only be in a sequence once.

So what happens if a contact has several quotations (or opportunities) that you’re currently working on?

And, what happens if each opportunity is valid for only a limited time?

The Campaign Manager is unable to effectively nurture your contacts for each opportunity. Currently, in Infusionsoft, these would need to be managed manually.

So we applied our technology and solved the problem by modelling the process that would be carried out and applying roles and responsibilities to our software agents.

Instead of having to deal with each opportunity manually, our software manages the entire process, over 28 days, with more than 5,000 opportunities created monthly.

It might well be that you’re faced with the situation where, you want to use something like Infusionsoft for your marketing automation, but you’ve made a large investment in other operational software and you want to make sure you keep it.

A key client uses an external system to conduct it’s business.

They wanted the ability to conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey after delivery of the service.

The survey was running in one system and they wanted the responses to be collated in Infusionsoft along with the contact details.

Additionally, if the satisfaction was below a certain threshold, they wanted an escalation to happen back to the Customer Relations Department.

We applied our technology to receive a list of customers and relevant details and place them in the appropriate campaign.

The campaign is configured to create a personalised link to the external survey system.

When the customer completes the survey, our technology is notified.

Upon receiving the notification, the solution evaluates if the response should be escalated and if so, places the contact in a new campaign.

The solution processes more than 300 complex customer surveys per month with an average satisfaction rating of 93%.

Sometimes its the little things that make Infusionsoft a little cumbersome.

If you want a repeatable process, like a workshop invitation and booking sequence, and you want to display the date of the workshop, in a particular format as well as use it to drive the campaign.

One client needed exactly this.

We applied our technology and created a simple web service that could be used by the Campaign Builder to reformat the date for use in emails and landing page.

At the same time, the right emails at the right time needed to align to the workshop date.

Whenever our client chooses to run a workshop, he simply takes one action and everything launches – with the assurance that the invitee receives a beautifully-formatted invitation.

What happens if you want to collect data from multiple systems (including Infusionsoft) and collate them in one place for automated analysis?

Certainly, Infusionsoft will give you a great picture of what it knows about. But what if the data you want to analyse doesn’t “fit” within Infusionsoft?

We customised our technology to systematically extract data from a host of systems, automatically categorise them, perform some simple processing and make it available for cross-analysis.

What we achieved was a dashboard view of Key Performance Indicators for our client across important sectors his business.

From website visitors and conversion rates to sales across regions, we have been able to provide our client with a real, live view of his operations.

Technology Designed to Work the Way You Do

Infusionsoft have a saying. “If you do it more than once…automate it.”

We recognise that along with growing companies comes growing IT systems with tasks that need to be coordinated between them – intelligently.

With a toolbox of advanced, in-house developed technologies, we create solutions that work and grow the way our clients do.

Solutions developed at Conversion Leadership can work with almost anything from Booking Systems and Customer Satisfaction Surveys to advanced rate calculators and your operational systems.

Our technologies share the same foundations with solutions developed over at Semantia. They’re mature and proven at some of the public largest companies in Australia. And…

They have been made to work with Infusionsoft.

The best thing it’s backed by a team experienced in making very complex IT systems work together.