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Monitor Customer Behaviour Online and Boost Online Conversions

4 October 2017
monitor customer behaviour online

When we monitor customer behavior online we gain valuable insights into how websites perform.

Tracking web scent turns you into a forensic investigator whose goal is to discover the results and motives of user behaviour online as they navigate through your website.

With this information you have the ability to make changes to your digital marketing that are crucial to transforming page views into conversions.

How to Monitor Customer Behaviour Online

You’ve identified a need to develop your website.

Where do you start?

How do you know exactly what you need to change?

The answer is to track the customer as they enter your website and use that information to guide any changes necessary to meet the needs of visitors.

Above is an example of a screen recording that allows you to watch how a customer interacts with a website.

  • Here we watch as a prospect searches through th website of Café Coach .
  • They click on the Café Startup Workshop page , clearly something about that image or service enticed their click.
  • But they don’t spend too long on that page.

The primary objective of the Café Startup Workshop page is for site visitors to sign up for the workshop.

In order to make sense of the visitor’s behaviour (skimming the page) in reference to the page’s objective (sign up for the workshop) we put ourselves in the mind of the visitor and make a list of possible reasons why the webpage didn’t make a conversion.

  • They thought the offer would be something else
  • The visitor is just browsing to get an idea of the offerings of Café Coach
  • They are not free the weekend of the workshop
  • The content is not clear as to what the product/service is

Should we see this behaviour over and over, creating a trend in the visitor behaviour, we will want to consider changing the product image or perhaps the placement of the product on the page.

If our objective is to increase conversions, we would want to find ways to increase the stickiness of the site and improve the landing page for the products.

Using Session Recording Tools to Monitor Customer Behaviour Online

There are many systems that allow you to monitor customer behaviour online, Conversion Leadership uses Tru Conversion to assist with optimization for online presence and digital marketing services.

Digital Doughnut offers us the following pros in using session recording tools:

  • Shows actual online visitor interactions.
  • Looks at visitor sessions on an individual level.
  • Reveals where visitors are getting stuck in particular funnels (e.g. the shopping cart) or dropping off.
  • Helps discover and reproduce bugs to enhance the user experience.
  • Understand and improve onboarding processes. See specifically where users are failing in onboarding flows.
  • Test and enhance new features or pages. For example, see how visitors react to a new landing page.

Monitor Customer Behaviour Online and Improve the Scent Trail of your Website

The user experience of your website and your product/ service offering is what leads a customer through the sales process of your website.

The web scent is the trail that a user follows through your site to find the information or product/ service they need.

As you monitor customer behaviour online you monitor the quality of the web scent in relation to your site’s objectives.

You want this journey to be as smooth as possible for the user.

If you see there is an area of your page that the heat map has picked up as a hotspot, you should put a CTA there!

A scent trail dies when a user abandons the site before going through a conversion process.

A ‘good’ scent improves website stickiness and keeps the user engaged and informed. Monitor customer behaviour online and identify where you can improve web scent.

Allow the information you receive from tracking user interaction with your website to guide the changes you make. The more you track, the more you'll be able to optimize.

Conversion Leadership has a wealth of experience in digital intelligence, integrated strategic development and uses data analytics to support all digital marketing plans.

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